Sticking With Msa – Wouter Peelaerts, Phd (Leuven, Belgium)

Multiple System Atrophy (MSA) is a rare brain disorder that until recently was largely ignored by the research community. MSA is a rapidly progressing neurodegenerative disease caused by a decline of the body’s most basic and vital functions including breathing, digestion, urination, controlling blood pressure and movement. It is not known how MSA arises, and no environmental or genetic contributors have been identified. Several mechanisms are believed to contribute to the disease process.

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MSA Research Consortium Advisors

Defeat MSA Alliance (USA), Defeat MSA/Vaincre AMS Canada and affiliated organizations are members of “MSA United International,” a global consortium dedicated to the defeat of Multiple System Atrophy.

Breaking News – New MSA Research Grants

Today, the Board of Directors of Defeat MSA Alliance (USA), Defeat MSA/Vaincre AMS Canada, and Defeat MSA Australia and New Zealand, three of the six partnering members of the MSA United Consortium, have approved several grants to fund promising new research. The Consortium, which also includes two other charities, La Asociación Española Síndrome Shy Drager – Atrofia Multisistémica (Spain) and Combattiamo l’Atrofia Multisistemica (Italy), issued a global Request for Proposals (RFP) in July of 2021, inviting grant applications for new and novel studies in pathogenesis, biomarkers, and pre-clinical and clinical research areas. The funding of these seed grants was based on recommendations of the Consortium’s international Research Advisory Board.

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