Our Mission

Multiple System Atrophy United International is a global consortium of charitable associations united in their dedication to fight the disease of Multiple System Atrophy (AMS/MSA), formerly called Shy-Drager Disease. Our collective purpose is to support patients diagnosed with AMS/MSA, educate doctors and other medical professionals, raise public awareness about AMS/MSA and to stimulate new scientific and medical research that will help cure Multiple System Atrophy. All the charitable groups associated with MSA United International are staffed entirely by volunteers.

We are dedicated to the following goals:

  • To build a community that truly serves those that suffer from AMS/MSA.
  • To cultivate promising research into treatments and slowing AMS/MSA.
  • To nurture better education of health professionals about AMS/MSA.
  • To raise greater public awareness about living with AMS/MSA.

We invite all people around the world to walk with us, to join our life supporting cause: to speak for those who cannot, with one mind, one heart and one voice: to cure Multiple System Atrophy now

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MSA United International
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